i promise you =)

dude , can you promise me  ...

 always be there for me when I need someone ..   be the one that's by my side until the end .. promise not to hurt me ..  will always put your trust on me ..   promise not to lie ..  promise you'll do all your best to protect me when tears get near my eyes ..  will keep the rain from falling down into my life .  will be there when I'm  call you in the middle of night ..you'll take my darkest night and make it bright for me.. promise you'll be the one that's there to hold me  when this world has turned so cold ..promise me , if one day I feel like crying then you can't make me laugh but you can cry with me . promise me if i  dont want to listen to other people , you'll be there for me and  promise to be very quite . you promise you to do right thing ..

and i promise you all that things , and i promise you to love you when you drive me crazy .. to respect you when we disagree .. to support you if bad time came our way and to always remember how grateful i am to have you by my side .

* <3

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