maybe i shouln't

hye . :D

♫ ♪ why  don't you make this easy ? it's uncomfortable ,
could it be I am thinkin' too much ,
hoping for a better day .

oh boy , i've tryin' to stay . i don't know what to do 
you're everything i know ,
it's so hard to let you go even you're not mine :/

i'm not tryin' to break your heart but this ain't fair to you
you're everything i know , its hard to let you go

hey , i'm wastin' time . you'll be my best friend
i won't die till end
you'll see IF i turn back , IF i look back
we could start over again , we could start just only friends ♫ ♪ 

if you feel i say .. if you're hurting inside .. if you feel same with me .


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